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Occasionally we have surplus pianos available for purchase. If you are interested in a particular model, please enquire. 

An exceptional Steinway model O grand piano with a beautiful rich and warm tone throughout. The piano dates to 1904 and built in the New York factory, the casework is black raised on square tapered legs all with decorative embellishments such as the double bead mouldings around the lower rim, etched edges to legs and pedal lyre. The classic style Steinway music desk has attractive applied moulded edges. Soon after the date of construction these features disappeared in favour of simpler modern case designs. The original ivory keyboard is present and in good condition, some minor fracture marks to two top treble ivories only.


Within the last year the piano has received an extensive restoration throughout, the action and keyboard receiving new felts which include hammers and dampers from Steinway. The piano re-strung including acoustic soundboard and bridge renovation, the original casework taken apart for general rejuvenation, part re-polishing and cleaning all of the chrome metal fittings. The finished appearance is very smart in authentic gloss as photographed.  


The action is thoroughly regulated, weighted, tuned and 'voiced' to a concert standard, generally light and responsive in feel, especially for repetition passages. Third sostenuto pedal present.


In general an all-round exceptional instrument restored in a traditional manner to preserve and enjoy the inherent qualities of a period Steinway piano.


The provenance of the piano corresponds to a couple of owners. The serial number of 112892 shows the piano completion on 30th December 1904, sold and delivered on 11th March 1905 to an address in Brooklyn, New York. The second owner transporting the 'family' piano to the UK where it remained for the last 50 years, prior to entering our restoration workshop.


Length - 5' 10" - Width - 4' 9" - 88 notes

1904 Steinway Model O

Steinway model O 1904 ebay4.jpg
Steinway model O 1904 ebay5.jpg
Steinway model O 1904 ebay.jpg
Steinway model O 1904 ebay2.jpg
Steinway model O 1904 ebay3.jpg
Steinway model O 1904 ebay6.jpg
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